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Publications: Articles and papers

2012 Update: I have written literally thousands of articles over the years, many hundreds for publications I founded and edited, mainly The ENDS ReportEarthlife News, Biotechnology Bulletin (over some 15 years) and SustainAbility's Radar. The first article I had published appeared in AAQ, the Architectural Association Quarterly, way back in 1974--at a point where I had said if I got any more rejection slips I would give up. The following year, I started writing regularly for New Scientist, and in 1978 I had my first article published in The Guardian--which I have written for, in one form or another, ever since.  Apart from blogs on this and the Volans sites, I regularly blog for the Guardian Sustainable Business website and for CSRWire.

Older Content: One of the things I rather miss is writing for SustainAbility’s Radar, now discontinued in its original form. Part of the joy in all of that was helping design and format each issue alongside Rupert Bassett, our designer. In addition to one-off articles, or irregular contributions, as to openDemocracy (http://www.opendemocracy.net/author/John_Elkington.jsp), I also contribute regular columns to a number of publications—including Director magazine in the UK, ChinaDialogue in China, Epocas Negocios in Brazil, and Nikkei Ecology in Japan.  

Cover: Rupert Bassett’s design for the social enterprise issue of SustainAbility’s ‘Radar’

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