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Speeches: Hearts and minds


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Hearts and minds

2012 Update: In preparation.

Older Content: Each year I continue to do around 50 speeches or facilitations, in countries around the world. There are many reasons why - having once been almost paralytically shy - I now enjoy the process, among them the ability to test our latest thinking in public debate. But there is also a not-so-hidden agenda: to help change hearts and minds in relation to the great challenges - and opportunities - the new century will bring. Yes, I know the phrase ‘hearts and minds’; has an unfortunate history, especially in Vietnam, but fundamentally that’s the nature of our task. And the best way forward is rarely to adopt the missionary position. Instead, it’s all about the art of conversation - with some of the most important exchanges happening on the edges of things, unexpectedly, serendipitously. 

WEF: In 2002, Elaine and I started going to the World Economic Forum summits, where I have spoken at - or facilitated - sessions in New York, Palo Alto, Davos and Dalian, China.

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