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Cameraman: Through different lenses


- Introduction
- Family
- Others
- Education
- Music

Influences: Very important people

This listing of family, other people and musical influences is horribly selective and patchy. But it's a start—and my way of beginning to say thank you to all those who have done so much to help me—us—over the years.

Rather than update the listing, I have chosen at this point simply to archive the original versions of the ‘Influences’ section. But I would be remiss if I didn’t include here at least some mention of people who have had a very significant impact on my subsequent thinking, work and piece of mind. These would include—one way or another—Maggie Brenneke, Pamela Hartigan, Sam Lakha, Mark Lee, Doris Michaels, Doug and Margot Miller, Sally Osberg, Kirsten Sandberg, Astrid Sandoval, Klaus Schwab, Jeff Skoll, Sophia Tickell and Stephen Ward. Thank you all.

Family - A bonsai version of our family tree
Other People - Some of those who had an impact
Education - Some lessons learned along the way
Music - Just in case the call ever comes, here is my desert island selection …

Crazy Horse was here
Pompidou Shot: With Elaine at Centre Pompidou, 2007
Crazy Horse was here
Cyprus Marches: Growing up in Cyprus in the 1950s, I imbibed American culture from the March family—including Molly, pictured here in London a few years back.
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