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Influences: Others

2012 Update: Once you start a listing of people who have influenced you, it becomes a Sisyphean task to keep it updated. Several times I have more or less given up, but in the spirit of acknowledging at least some of the debts owed, and in addition to all those already mentioned below (and some whose links don't yet go through to profiles), I am enormously grateful to my colleagues at Volans for making the new venture work, indeed such fun. This includes the team members, our Advisory Board, the succession of wonderful interns, and our growing list of Alumni, all of whom have helped create such a buzz at 2 Bloomsbury Place. Others I would like to thank include my literary agent in New York, Doris Michaels, Nick Bellorini (formerly with Earthscan), and the teams at websites like Guardian Sustainable Business and CSRWire.

Crazy Horse was here
Unmasked: Ian Keay

Older Content: Ian Keay, shown here at his home in California, was at school with me, the brother of an early girlfriend and, in 1973, and—when Elaine and I finally got married—our best man. He introduced me to the work of a bunch of people when we were at Bryanston and afterwards, among them Buckminster Fuller and a half dozen science fiction writers. In updating the website, I have decided to put off updating this section until later—it would take too long. But at least some debts are acknowledged here...

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