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Unconscious, Again
Hit by cycle courrier en route to work
Thursday, 18 August 2011

In a recent speech, at the BASE Conference, I said that it was often like a war in London's streets. And I had made the point again in a recent blog for The Guardian. But I truly didn't leave home this morning expecting to be lying in the street in a pool of my own blood within the hour. Was hit by a cycle courrier in the bus lane on Bloomsbury Way. He came out from behind a bus at warp speed--and hit me full on. I was knocked into the air and, I think because I was wearing a backpack over one shoulder, came down on my head.

When I recovered consciousness, I was surrounded by the cyclist and by several other people, who were trying to help. Blood was streaming everywhere, but I wanted to get out of the vbus lane, to let the busses through. We eventually managed that, after which a motorcycle ambulance arrived (the motorcylist dressed the wound), then Sam hotfoot from the office, then a full-blown ambulance. Everyone delightful, though I had to pressure the ambulance to get out of the bus lane and park alongside the Square, to allow a backlog of busses through.

When a policeman asked me to say what had happened, not sure he understood when I said we had been trying a little experimental trepanning. But it felt like it. Sam kindly accompanied me to the hospital, where I was cleaned up and, like a latter-day Humpty Dumpty, stuck back together with superglue. Apart from the fact that my head was swathed in bandages and I was sitting in a  wheelchair, I couldn't work out why everyone was looking at me in the waiitng area. Then, later, I realsied that two streams of blood had flowed across my scalp and pooled above each eye, then dried, making me look like some weird sort of clown. And I suppose I was.

Then we walked back to the office, having missed a session at JWT I was meant to chair for The Future Quotient project.  But a great group of people were at 2 Bloomsbury Place, from both Volans and SustainAbility, working away on a new proposal, and the afternoon turned out to be one of the best I have had for quite a while. The eruption of Florence Nightingalery was something to behold.

The care I got from the NHS people was remarkable--and I am immensely grateful for it.

Posted at 10:49:00 p.m. on Thursday, 18 August 2011 by John Elkington.


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