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The Week That Was
Cabinet Office, Lausanne and other jaunts
Sunday, 26 February 2012

Back room at Volans
Being filmed for HP
HP 2
HP 3
Ben the lens
Off to the Value Web
With the Value Web team
Greenpeace drapes National Gallery - which was hosting Shell reception

Among other things, the week included a trip across to the Cabinet Office to see Nick Hurd, a filming session for HP, a TEDx brainstorm with the Value Web, a Shell reception at the National Gallery (with police having cordonned off the front portico, across which Greenpeace had draped a banner), two days in Lausanne at IMD (where I took part in a panel session moderated by Liam Black of Wavelength, alongside people from Chiquita, GE and Nestle), and various other jaunts.

Finished The Fear Index, a brilliant novel by Robert Harris, on the flight back. An odd factoid from the book: US, Harris says, saved $10 billion by shutting down their equivalent of CERN, after which many of the phsyicists became quants on Wall Street, helping to create the derivatives and other 'products' that ultimately blew up the financial markets, at an estimated cost to the US taxpayer of $3.7 trillion - and counting.

This weekend I have been working on the page proofs of The Zeronauts, which go off to the publishers tomorrow, if all goes well. My latest blog for The Guardian looked at the links between ants, pheromones and capitalism - and got a fair few retweets. This was the week, too, where I I recuited a few more followers on Twitter and passed the 3,000 mark, thanks to a tweet by Liam.

Posted at 7:31:00 p.m. on Sunday, 26 February 2012 by John Elkington.


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