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Babelfish: Against the stream

Crazy Horse was here
Cycling 1: In over 30 years of cycling in London, I have been left three times unconscious, twice with three broken ribs. In 1975, an Indonesian man hit me in Covent Garden, in 2006 a Mongolian woman in Olympia—adding insult to injury by hitting me while I was in a cycle lane. But cycling remains one of my greatest joys …
Crazy Horse was here
Cycling 2: … as this everything-is-illuminated moment in Hyde Park symbolises
Crazy Horse was here
Cycling 3: And then there’s the camaraderie that comes from cycling on a bicycle made for 10—this one snapped in Brazil

Rather than completely revamp this site, I decided to archive much of the existing material and provide updates to run alongside the ongoing reportage via the Journal. Further information can be found on the SustainAbility (http://www.sustainability.com) and Volans Ventures (http://www.volansventuresp.com) websites. My thanks to Craig Ray for his help in revamping this site.

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